Let’s take a peak at the special events of this year!

We will take a look at Thursday evening, and Friday afternoon.

On Thursday evening we will offer you a late-night special at Forum. We will start off the camp by welcoming you to a cozy venue with two dance floors, and a cafeteria with home baked assortments. In the main room you will be able to swing out to the beloved Gothenburgian band Swing Tarturo and our experienced DJs of the camp. In a smaller room we will offer a relaxed alternative for your slow dancing preferences, may it be blues, slow ball or slow lindy. The venue will be kept open as long as the dance floors are swingin’ that’s is for sure! And since you get to sleep in on Friday – no reason to hold back right!

On Friday we will open the door to Forum once again, now for an afternoon delight! The space will be used for various activities. You will be able to participate in a series of tasters (TBA), pursue free training and skill sharing, or just hangout in a pleasant environment. You will also be able to book time slots in rooms for privates, preparations for showcase etc.


SiS 2012