Extra classes revealed and updated schedule

We can now announce 4 extra classes that will be held during Thursday and Friday.

The first class of the camp will be taking place on Thursday prior to the Thursday party and will be held by Rikard Ekstrand. The class will be included in the price for the Thursday evening party.

Note that the tickets for the Thursday party are sold separately from the rest of the camp. If you haven’t yet grabbed a ticket make sure you do! Purchase ticket here.

As previously announced, we will offer a series of classes during Fridag afternoon at Forum. Rikard will be back for one of them, and Shorty George together with his dance partner Ira Ishchuk will be holding two.


If you plan to attend the Friday classes we would like you to register here. The classes are already included in the workshop pass. However, if we are short of space, registered attendees will take precedence over unregistered ones. If you are not participating in the workshops you might still register for the Friday classes in exchange for some volunteer work at the camp. In this case we will contact you to sort out the details.

We ask you to register sooner rather then later, since this helps our planning.

We can also announce that Steven Coombe from the Shirt Tail Stompers will join us as our MC for the evenings. Steven together with Gentlemen & Gangsters will start off the friday night with a musicality taster free for all attending the party.

Check out the updated schedule here