Jazztrack with Jessica Lennartsson

SiS 2016 are proud to offer a jazztrack with the member of Harlem Hot Shots – Jessica Lennartsson!

Jessica is really in total controll of her body and deeply in to the swing dances since she was 7 years old. She has been winning the boogie woogie world championship and performing/dancing around the world all her life. We are happy to have her in GBG for SiS 2016 and for the first time giving our locals and visitors a jazz track!

The level description is the following:

You feel comfortable with the jazz steps in Shim Sham and Tranky doo and has also learned some other jazz routines. You are comfortable with Susie Q, Shorty George and Apple Jacks. You don’t have to know the big apple perfectly but should have started to learn it or routines in similar level. You should have practiced outside of classes and practiced improvisation. 
If you attended WCJ Authentic Jazz Weekend this level will be a mixture of Viper Mad and Jazz me Blues.

There will be maximum 35 spots in the jazz level. If there are a lot more registrations we will strive to split the jazz into two levels. 

Jessica Lennarsson Solojazz