About Swingin’ Spring

Swingin’ Spring Dance Camp is West Coast Jitterbugs’ annual weekend of swing dancing workshops, with invited teachers from Sweden and abroad. Swingin’ Spring has existed since 1994.

The Gothenburg dance scene has existed for more than 30 years. The dance scene and the festival is known for the warmth of the people and community.

Why do we want you to join Swingin’ Spring?

Except for great classes we invite you to our community. You come to get a feeling for the friendly Gothenburg community, for great live music, for the long late nights and for our amazing tea dance that often become another nightly social! Our main venue is located in the best area in town and even on the best street of Gothenburg. Our studio where we host the late nights goes by the rule of last couple standing, take the challenge and join in!


History  of previos editions

2018: Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg, Rikard Ekstrand & Pamela Gaizutyte, Kuno H. Rasmussen & Gosia Wolska Rasmussen, Tatiana Udry

2017: Nalla & Jessica, Pontus & Isabella, Petra & Janez, Arnas & Eglė, Cat Foley, Christopher Martinsen Mowe & Anne Normann

2016: Alice & Kevin, Sep & Bara, Audun & Caroline, Jessica Lennartsson

2015: Katja & Vincenzo, Jenny & Rikard, Marianne & Marcus

2014: Ali & Katja, Martynas & Egle, Kevin & Jo, Patrick & Natascha

2013: Nick & Laura, Ali & Katja, Kevin & Jo, William & Maéva, Davis & Claudia

2012: Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg, Nick Williams & Laura Keat, Vincenzo Fesi & Isabella Gregorio

2011: Kevin & Jo, Andrew & Evin, Pontus & Lizette, Mickey & Kelly, Henric & Joanna

2010: Lina & Fredrik, Hasse & Marie, Kevin and Emily (jo), Steven Mitchell, Frida & Skye, Ulrika & Love,Sharon & Juan, Åsa & Daniel

1994: Simon Selmon