About Swingin’ Spring

Swingin’ Spring Dance Camp is West Coast Jitterbugs’ annual weekend of swing dancing workshops, with invited teachers from Sweden and abroad. Swingin’ Spring has existed since 1994.

The Gothenburg dance scene has existed for more than 30 years. The dance scene and the festival is known for the warmth of the people and community.

Why do we want you to join Swingin’ Spring?

Except for great classes we invite you to our community. You come to get a feeling for the friendly Gothenburg community, for great live music, for the long late nights and for our amazing tea dance that often become another nightly social! Our main venue is located in the best area in town and even on the best street of Gothenburg. Our studio where we host the late nights goes by the rule of last couple standing, take the challenge and join in!


History of previos editions

Tatiana Udry
Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg
Rikard Ekstrand & Pamela Gaizutyte
Kuno H. Rasmussen & Gosia Wolska Rasmussen


Nalla Kim & Jessica Yoon
Pontus Persson & Isabella Gregorio
Petra Robek & Janez Šepetavc
Arnas Razgūnas & Eglė Nemickaitė
Cat Foley
Christopher Martinsen Mowe
Anne Normann


Jessica Lennartsson
Alice Mei & Kevin St Laurent
Sep Vermeersch & Bára Barbora Hřebačková
Audun Kveberg & Caroline Bockelie Johnsen


Rikard Ekstrand & Jenny Deurell
Vincenzo Fesi & Katja Završnik
Marcus Edstorp & Marianne Törnblom


Ali Taghavi & Katja Uckermann
Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffman
Patrick Szmidt & Natasha Ouimet
Martynas Stonys & Egle Regelskis


Nick Williams & Laura Keat
Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffman
Davis Thurber & Claudia Joyal Laplante
William Mauvais & Maéva Truntzer
Ali Taghavi & Katja Uckermann


Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffman
Nick Williams & Laura Keat
Isabella Gregorio & Vincenzo Fesi


2011     (13,14,15 May)
Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault
Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg
Henric & Joanna Stillman
Pontus Persson & Lizette Rönnqvist
Andrew Twiss & Evin Galang


2010     (17,18,19 April)
Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffman
Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis
Frida Segerdahl & Skye Humphrey
Pontus Persson & Lizette Rönnqvist
Andy Spitz & Moe Sakan


This year, organizers were missing.
It became a small camp, but since several years with 400 participants,
many considered it was wrong to name it Swingin’ Spring,
so the name for the 2009 edition was… Swing out west


2008     (25-26-27 April)
Hasse & Marie Nahnfeldt
Kevin St Laurent & Emily Hoffberg
Steven Mitchell
Frida Segerdahl & Skye Humphries
Ulrika Hegårdh & Love Westman
Hanna & Mattias Lundmark


2007     (30,31,1 April)
Frida Segerdahl & Skye Humphries
Larissa & Taras Melnik
Isabella Greogorio & Vinzenco Fesi
Joanna Ericsson & Henrik Stillman
Naomi Campbell & Peter Strom
Pep Espígol & Emi Garrote
Åsa Lundmark & Mikael Hedlund


2006     (17,18,19 March)
Dan Guest & Vivien Davidhazy
Chad & Melanie
Angela Andrew & Francoise
Daniel & Åsa Heedman
Henric Stillman & Joanna
Jane Henriksson & Janne Börjesson


Sarah Spence & Skye Humphies
Frida Segerdahl & Mattias Lundmark
Catrine Ljunggren & Elliott Donnelley
Sandryne Pezzine & Andrew Sutton
Johnny Lloyd


Simon Selmon & Louise Thwaite