Daytime schedule

Swingin’ Spring – Booklet 2018

For print – two-sided



  • A/B = Audition Levels
  • C = Intermediate
  • D = Improver-intermediate
  • J = Jazz
  • AJ = (WCJ-instructors)


#1 Taster class “Step variations” friday with Isabel Björkman & Henrik Boström

Would you like to be able to improvise more while dancing? But how do you get there? We’re going to break down the basic steps into building blocks and give you some tools to do variations.

#2 Taster class “Blues” saturday daytime Martin Jadefrid & Flora Stanley

This taster will take you through the basics of blues dancing with the aim to make you feel comfortable in dancing to blues music and preparing you for the late night blues this evening.

#3 Taster class ”First Stops” saturday with Pauline Muñoz-Olsö & Simon Ask

Everyone should know the classical mini choreo ”First Stops” made by Frankie Manning. A fun routine based on stops. You will learn some lindy hop, solo jazz and charleston. Level: Intermediate and up.

#4 Taster class “YogaMonks” Sunday daytime with Loulou Rafferty

This year we have a reset button for you! We are delighted to offer a YogaMonks inspired Vinyasa classes to refresh, enliven and ready you for more dancing and classes! So, don’t just survive but thrive and join Lou in 45 minute YogaMonks inspired Vinyasa classes for all levels of curious people.

YogaMonks (YM) is a unique, fascial based Hatha and Vinyasa yoga method. No experience necessary!

These Vinyasa’s will stretch out tired feet, refresh and enliven you; give you a unique way to actualize connection with the floor and make you giggle.

Loulou Rafferty dances, instructs, has a daily YM practice, is a YM inspired teacher and uses these methods in the Lindy Hop classes she leads.

What do you need? Nothing but your curiosity! Come Play!