DJS 2020


With an ever fluctuating taste in Swing and Swinging Jazz, DJ Per selects tracks to fit and challenge the dancers on and by the floor. Be it 30’s syncopation, late 40´s Pre Bop, late 50´s groove jazz or the Swing Era classics – good rhythm, contageous riffs and inspired solos is what he is looking for! Besides DJ-ing events and socials in Gothenburg he have done several guest sets in Herräng and been a Staff DJ at Lindy Shock.

Which song or artist do you think everyone must listen to and why? – Stitches with Al Cooper and the Savoy Sultans! They were one of the house bands at the Savoy Ballroom in 1937-1946 and early out with a big swing from a band with less set!



Amélie discovered her love for DJing when she was organising weekly swing parties in Kraków. These parties became a fun playground for her to develop her DJ skills live, to explore and build up her music repertoire. Amélie is now based in London where she deejays regularly, on top of international festivals around Europe. Her latest gigs were at Herräng Dance Camp, The Chase, London Swing Festival and JATS Jumpin’ at the Seaside. As all DJs, she is happy to be able to share the music she loves, but if she can make people dance this makes her even happier. 😉

What song gets you on the dance floor… every time?  – One O’Clock Jump. Whatever the version, whatever the artist, at whatever time of the day, it has such a drive. But my favorite version is by the one and only Count Basie from The Complete Decca Recordings.



Jonas plays music that makes you happy; songs that you might not have heard but feel like you have. Songs that you have heard, in versions that you might not have heard, and songs that you’ve definitely heard that deserves to be danced to! See you on (and near) the dance floor!

– Which song or artist do you think everyone must listen to and why? – Okay the song you have to listen to is Don’t you miss your baby with Jimmy Witherspoon. It’s a different version of a classic that most people recognize. You don’t hear in the beginning what song it is until about a minute into the song. Perfect tempo and energy for most types of dance floor and some of the best male vocals there is!

– What song gets you on the dance floor… every time?   – Anything by Erskine Hawkins, and if I have to choose one song it has to be tuxedo junction. It might be incredibly overplayed but it’s for a reason.