DJs 2019

The DJs for 2019 edition. Gothenburg is known for a great amount of local DJs!

Head DJ Per

With an ever fluctuating taste in Swing and Swinging Jazz, DJ Per selects tracks to fit and challenge the dancers on and by the floor. Be it 30’s syncopation, late 40´s Pre Bop, late 50´s groove jazz or the Swing Era classics – good rhythm, contageous riffs and inspired solos is what he is looking for! Besides DJ-ing events and socials in Gothenburg he have done several guest sets in Herräng and been a Staff DJ at Lindy Shock.

DJ Jonas

I aim to play music that makes you happy; songs that you might not have heard but feel like you have. Songs that you have heard, in versions that you might not have heard, and songs that you’ve definitely heard that deserves to be danced to! See you on (and near) the dance floor!


DJ Felix

Felix really knows how to make a dance floor swing and has been one of the more popular DJs in town since he started. Felix has a growing interest in Larry Clinton so you can be sure to hear some of his less known tunes. He is also a really good social dancer so make sure to catch him on the dance floor.


DJ Dom Valentine

”Late Night Guest DJ”
From London to Ljubljana to his local pub, DJ Dom Valentine has been rocking dancefloors across Europe with swing music of the highest quality. Always on the lookout for interesting new tracks and a passionate lindy hopper himself, DJ Dom is guaranteed to play tunes that’ll make you want to cut some rug!

DJ Rickard

Delivering his trademark music with the right beats, grooves, and expansive solos, DJ Rickard provides plenty of opportunities to express yourself on that pulsating floor and keep you dancing well beyond the survivor photo shoot!


DJ Susanna

Susanna started DJing in Budapest and after moving back to Gothenburg she has been an active DJ for many years! She always sticks to the 30s-40s swing – both small and big bands and is a believer in solid riffs and crescendos!