There will be a Mix and Match competition during Swingin’ Spring. There is no sign-up fee, all levels are welcome and there are amazing prizes! So, don’t hesitate to register at the registrations desk on Friday evening before 21.30.

Good Luck!!!

Prelims: Friday evening
Final: Saturday evening



We all love live music and during the weekend there will be at least 3 different bands playing!


Gentlemen & Gangsters

Gentlemen & Gangsters play hot jazz with all the flair and sophistication of true gentlemen, coupled with the ruthless brutality of hardened gangsters. Like a devious conspiracy from a bygone era, this shady syndicate of jazz kingpins plot for world domination from their secret location in a run down part of Gothenburg. Armed with drumsticks instead of knuckle dusters and trombones instead of tommy guns these deranged masterminds spread mayhem, joy, and decadence wherever they go.


Sir Bourbon Dixieland Band

Sir Bourbon Dixieland Band They have participated in several major jazz festivals in Sweden, including Askersund, Årjäng, Kungsbacka, Kungshamn, Ronneby and, of course, Gothenburg. Within a decade they have played on the Göta Channel Company’s jazz cruises in the Bohusland archipelago. They have also been and played in the Netherlands and Germany at major jazz festivals. Sir Bourbon started in Gothenburg’s southern suburbs of seven “boys” in the 80’s, who all loved playing jazz. Right from the start, our motto was to play happy and accessible jazz!


Jenny Almsenius & Martin Abrahmsson

Late night with live blues music by Jenny Almsenius & Martin Abrahamsson!