Lindy Hop


The Lindy Hop passes for Beginners includes a total of 4 hour class and entrance to Saturday’s night with live music and party with 300+ happy dancers. (Rates)

No previous knowledge required. This track is perfect for those who have never danced Lindy Hop before – but always wanted to try it out. Here you will learn the basics. After a whole day of classes, you also get the opportunity to join Saturday’s party. 


The Lindy Hop passes below includes a total of 6 hours class + tasters + 4 days of parties (Rates)

You are ready to add some more figures and twists to your basic steps and Swing out. You can lead/follow a series of movements that you know well, but after this weekend you will be ready to do some fancy variations with any stranger on the dance floor.


By now, you are a regular swing dancer in terms of social dancing. You have started to experiment with your dancing and can lead/follow new figures to faster music (160 bpm and up). You are able to add improvised jazz steps and are adding styling and variations into your lindy hop. Although you are confident with your leading/following, you are starting to get aware of how much more there is to learn about footwork variations, being behind the beat, body awareness and different types of swingouts.


After several years of classes and workshops, you are well aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in dance and you are used to take classes with dancers who can give you relevant feedback in class. Even though you have an idea on how to dance proper lindy, you are happy to try different styles, change the dance to fit the music, and dance the moves you know but with different kinds of dynamics on the social dance floor. After all, it’s just a matter of polishing the basics and acing the fancy stuff. We assume you have practiced with partners, taken privates and analyze your own dancing regularly.

In the higher level there will be many experienced and ambitious dancers with a good awareness of their own skills, body, and there will most likely not be scared of jumping into, and nailing a jam circle at a fast tempo.