Lindy Hop Beginner 600 kr  480 kr – 20% before 2020
– including 4 hours of inspiring classes during 1 day + evening ticket. Approximately: 55€, 48£, 565Nkr.

Early bird-prices available! 10 % discount during the first 10 days, for the first 100 people.


Lindy Hop 1650 kr 1485 kr
– including 6 hours of inspiring classes during 2 days + tasters classes + party pass. Approximately: 152€, 132£, 1550Nkr


Solo Jazz 1350 kr 1215 kr
– including 4 hours of inspiring classes during 1 or 2 days + tasters classes + party pass. Approximately: 124€, 108£, 1270Nkr


Party pass 650 kr 585 kr 
– including 4 parties with live bands and late nights. Approximately: 60€, 48£, 610Nkr




You will get your payment information in the acceptance letter. If you pay from abroad we recommend that you pay through Transferwise. Use the “Bankgiro to SEK”-feature. Make sure to enter the OCR-number correctly.

Payment instructions:
1. Set up an account with Transferwise, and login to it.
2. Clink on recipients, and ‘add a recipient’.

Currency: Euro to SEK
Email: kassor@wcj.se
Name of Business: West Coast Jitterbugs
Bankgiro Number: 404-1554

3. In the ‘message’ section: you must ONLY put the OCR number. No message or anything else.
4. You must pay for each person/ticket separately.
5. Then make a payment to us

You can pay by PayPal:  add +50 Sek to your cost. Information on this comes in the acceptance letter.

If you use this option. Please send an email to us and let us know.

* We will send you a receipt when your payment has been received. This receipt is unfortunately in Swedish only. Look for the subject line “KVITTO från West Coast Jitterbugs” in your inbox!

Cancellation terms

* We’re sorry, we can not offer a refund on your ticket except in case of illness with a medical certificate.

* Yes, you can sell your ticket but must inform us about the new owner at least 3 days before main camp starts.