You will get your payment information in the acceptance letter


If you pay from abroad we recommend that you pay through Transferwise

(Norway – to avoid more steps than below, pay in Euro to SEK)

Use the “Bankgiro to SEK”-feature. Make sure to enter the OCR-number correctly.


Payment instructions:
1.Set up an account with Transferwise, and login to it.
2.Clink on recipients, and ‘add a recipient’.

Currency: SEK
Name of Business: West Coast Jitterbugs
Bankgiro Number: 404-1554

3.In the ‘message’ section. You must ONLY put the OCR number. No message or anything else.

5.You must pay for each person/ticket separately.

6.Then make a payment to us

* Please remember that we need your payment within 5 days* or your place may go to the next person on the waiting list.

* We will send you a receipt when your payment has been received. This receipt is unfortunately in Swedish only. Look for the subject line “KVITTO från West Coast Jitterbugs” in your inbox!


Cancelletion terms

When you’ve got a aceptence letter

* We are very grateful if you can get in touch with us if you no longer want your ticket.

After payment

* We’re sorry, we can not offer a refund on your ticket except in case of illness with a medical certificate. You can however transfer your ticket to the next person on the waiting list. If you need to do this, please send an email to us at least two weeks before the event.

* Yes, you can sell your ticket but must inform us about the new owner at least 3 days before main camp starts.

Contact us: