Tasters 2020

Are you ready for more inspiration?
Taster is an open class with a specific theme.

Erol & Stephanie – Lindy Hop

We are very happy to have two passionate dancers for the annual line up of taster teachers Erol & Stephanie. They are local dance teachers in their hometowns, Amsterdam and Berlin, training and competing together since 2018. Obsessed with the “groove”, they are continuing to challenge to become better dancers.

Andrew Hsi – Solo Jazz

Andrew lives in Vilnius and comes to Gotenburg. The theme for his class is a little flow, a touch of rhythm and alot of swing!

Per Liljesson – Talk

Per Liljesson will do a “Taster Talk” about why Big Band Swing is such great music for Lindy Hop!

Stina Gard – Burlesque

Description: The term burlesque is an art style that was born around the middle of the 19th century and it was initially a theater entertainment with a lot of humor and parody. The French word burlesque means “grossly comical”. During the 1930s, burlesque dance and entertainment became extremely popular, though controversial. The dancers adorned themselves with glittering sequins, fringes and fancy dresses and the numbers became increasingly important by various forms of striptease. This taster will not require any corsets, fancy underwear or pasties. Instead, we will practice body awareness, attitude and the basic movements of the burlesqua dance such as shimmy, shake, bumps & grinds. Clothing: Comfortable clothes that allow good freedom of movement.

Anne & Love – Charleston

Charleston as a true 1920s-style couple dance. This is one of the dances that lindy hop is based on and probably the dance that has been most central to the development that led to the lindy we know today. The music we dance to is 1920s jazz which is a bit more blunt than swing and usually runs at a slightly faster pace.