Tasters 2019

Are you ready for more inspiration?
Taster is an open class with a specific theme.



Pernilla Vighagen

“Collaborative jazz”

This is a taster with focus on dancing improvisational solo jazz. We will dance on our own and also together with others. The key words for the class: Everyone can dance solo jazz and everyone can inspire!

Saturday daytime – Landala Sporthall


Maria Uleander

“Jazz it up”

Maria offers you a taster class where you can learn how to do individual jazz variations in musical breaks. These can be used while improvising your solo dancing as well as in the classical routines. Join Maria and jazz up the dance floor!

Sunday daytime – Landala Sporthall


Gabija Zakarauskaitė & Sam Holt

“The Pancake”

In this taster you will be introduced to one of the classic Lindy Hop Aerials – The Pancake. Sam & Gabi will take you through a step-by-step instructions of how to do this move safely and have fun while learning. You must bring a partner to this class as we will not be rotating.

Saturday daytime – Landala Sporthall


Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat

Taster class “Hal’s Swing” with Anni & Gašper

Hal Takier was one of the original Jitterbugs from California. He was by all means one of the greats, right next to Frankie Manning and Dean Collins. To modern swing culture his way of dancing can equaly inspire lindy and bal dancers, including Anni & Gašper who will lead this taster.

Friday evening – Auktionsverket


Isabel Björkman & Henrik Boström

“The elements of dancing”

Dancing is about more than just doing steps and moves. It’s also about how you do them. We are going to work with the basics of Lindy Hop but add on different elements of dancing to create variations and awareness of the body during this taster.

Saturday evening – Auktionsverket