Travel to & in Gothenburg!


Within Sweden and from Norway and Denmark it is easy to get to Gothenburg by train or bus.

There can also be advantages in price, by first travel to Denmark/Copenhagen and from there take the train to Gothenburg.

Here are some tips that can be affordable and at the same time have a low environmental impact.




Oslo – Gothenburg
3,50 h by train, 3,20 h by bus

Copenhagen – Gothenburg
3,30 h by train, 4,30 h by bus

Stockholm – Gothenburg
3,10 h by train, 6,30 h by bus

There are also viable ways of travelling from other parts of Europe by ground.
Some links to help you plan your trip.

Trains:   &   The Rail planner app:

Travel planning by train, bus, plane, ferry & car:   or


Gothenburg Airport Landvetter
Here you can search for flights to Gothenburg by using Skyscanner

Airport Shuttle
There are no trains from Landvetter Airport to Gothenburg city. Instead you can take the airport coaches. All the info about the buses can be found here



Public transportation
Bus and tram drivers don‘t sell tickets!

Places to buy tickets:

  • App “Västtrafik to go” (only with Swedish personal number)
  • Onboard the trams in a ticket machine (with VISA card, but this is more expensive, and not available on buses)
  • We recommend buying a 3-day pass. These can be purchased at 7Eleven/Pressbyrån/Supermarkets post offices.
  • Please check or the app “Västtrafik Reseplanerare” for more info.

West Coast Jitterbugs: Forum is located by tram stop Doktor Fries Torg where tram number 10 stops. More trams and buses stop at Wavrinskys Plats (ca 10 min walk from the Forum). Bus 52 stops at Doktor Westrings Gata (ca 10 min walk from the Forum).